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~ Written by Viki Rife 

It happened during Christmas break from college my freshman year. During the break between Sunday School and church I stopped at the bathroom. I heard a mom bring her preschooler into the next stall. The youngster asked a question that had apparently been triggered by something he had heard in his children’s class. I held my breath. It was a tricky question. I felt sorry for the mother.

While I don’t remember the question any more, or what she said, I remember thinking, “Wow, you really need to know your theology to be a mom!” It awakened in me a desire to dig into God’s Word so that someday I would be a wise mom who knew how to take advantage of her child’s curiosity to point them to God’s truth.

I don’t think that mom knew how important her child’s question was, not just for him, but for a shy college student in the next stall. Her biblical perspective inspires me to this day. Thank you, dear friend—you never volunteered to be my mentor, but you are!


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Cassie and PeterCassie Harris, our blog coordinator, has had quite a bit of excitement in her life the past couple of weeks.

Twelve years ago, as a young teen facing major brain surgery to control epileptic seizures, Cassie was told she might not be able to graduate high school. Yet on Saturday, May 13, she graduated from Grace College with a double major in Journalism and Biblical Studies. This past Saturday, May 20, she married her college sweetheart, Peter Rayl. We at Women of Grace USA are delighted to have had a part in the amazing story of what God has done in her life. We are looking forward to welcoming Cassie Rayl back to the blog in a few weeks.

The amazing miracle God has done in Cassie’s life was recently described in the GraceConnect newsletter. Click here to read it.

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The impossible stain

by Viki Rife

It was so frustrating! Apparently overnight our relatively new faucet had developed some kind of water stain that looked terrible. After much scrubbing, I realized it was hopeless. There could be no doubt the stain was permanent.

Sighing, I put on my reading glasses for a closer look. Suddenly I burst out laughing! The faucet was reflecting the paisley shirt I was wearing! There was no stain there.

It set me thinking about how quick I am to see my own faults in others and try to correct them. I need to make sure I look at people through God’s lens. It will help me recognize where the real problem lies before I scrub away at others.

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~ Written by Viki Rife

Squinting through my windshield wipers, I noticed a group of children walking to school. Their hooded rain jackets and umbrellas grasped tightly, they trudged along hunched against the driving rain.

All except one little girl. Her hair drenched, she danced along holding her umbrella upside down, frequently peering in to see how much water she had collected. She was beaming!

I couldn’t help but think of the old song “Showers of Blessing.” So often we ask for blessings, but we want them to come without any discomfort on our part. We try to shield ourselves from the very inconveniences that bring the answers to our prayers. How much better to turn our protective umbrellas upside down and joyfully, thankfully, collect the blessings as God rains them down!

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~ Written by Viki Rife

Nine little girls sat in a circle, listening intently as their teacher explained the project. They were to make a poster showing their favorite animal. In teams of three they were to choose an animal, cut out pictures, and prepare their research. They would present their project to the group and their teacher would ask them questions.

After designating the teams, the teacher sat back to watch. One team couldn’t agree on an animal. One team found an animal they all liked, but everyone had a different idea of what pictures to use and where to put them on the poster. One team got upset with another one because someone had cut out an animal they wanted to use.

When the hour was up, the teacher called them back together. The girls were ready and eager to answer her questions.

The teacher began to ask questions:

What does this situation teach us about working together in real life?

What was it like to work with the other people on your team?

How did you help the team be effective?

Who was the most helpful person on your team?

What conflicts did you have? How did you handle them?

What could you do differently next time to handle conflicts better?

You see, the teacher’s goal wasn’t to teach them about animals. It was to teach them to work as a team, a much more essential life skill. Sometimes I wonder if God is doing the same thing with us. He wants us to be a united body, working together toward carrying out His mission. Throughout Scripture, it seems that the way we work together is often more important than the end product.

Let’s seek to approach whatever we do in Christ’s body with as much concern about how we get to the goal as we have about getting there.

(Team-building exercises such as this are a part of the curriculum for SMM (Sisters Mentoring with a Mission). For more information on how SMM helps disciple girls, click here

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