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Can I Handle It?

~ Written by Viki Rife

Many families love to review anecdotes when they get together over the holidays. One of my personal favorites is about our oldest grandchild, Natalie. She was such a “little mommy” that our daughter had to forbid her from taking care of her little brother so that he could learn to do things for himself.

Shortly after our other daughter’s second son was born, she planned a visit to her sister. When Natalie was told, she did not seem excited as her mom had expected.

“Three little boys?” she asked doubtfully. “That’s a lot of work for me.”

We might laugh at how preposterous it is for a five-year-old to think so much responsibility is on her shoulders. But I can’t help but wonder if God is amused when we look at a situation and think, “That’s a lot of work for me.” Let’s give him credit for being the responsible Father he truly is.

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