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~ Written by Cassie Rayl

In the last two years, my sight has slowly returned. A brain surgery left the peripheral vision in my right eye almost 75 percent blind. However, with each eye appointment, test results show more and more improvement in my blind eye.
At my last appointment, my doctor shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly as he showed me the test results. “Brain surgeries are a testy thing. We’re told to wait ten years before giving a final diagnosis so your brain can heal. I guess we just needed to wait a little while longer for you. Your blind spot is completely normal, Ma’am.”
I should have been happier about the news. So many things would be easier with both my eyes fully functioning. But if my eyes were testing “normal,” why was I still walking around as if I was working with an enormous blind spot? When I sat back from the test, I still couldn’t see anything in my peripheral vision.
When I explained my confusion to the doctor, I could tell he was fighting back laughter. “You’re not blind anymore, Ma’am. But now you have to tell your eyes that. They’ve gotten so used to being blind, they don’t know how to work normally. It’ll take time. But it’s there, I promise. Let your brain believe in what it’s seeing.”
Sometimes I think I do the same thing with trusting Jesus with my redemption. My spirit knows it is free from sin, but sometimes my spirit can’t see itself as free because it lived in captivity for so long. Just like with my optometrist, my spirit has to be reminded of the obvious.
I’m not blind anymore.

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