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Do I Hear What You Hear?

~ Written by Viki Rife

If I could go back and raise my children over again, there are two principles that would guide my interaction with them. Especially during the teen years, these two principles are essential.

The first one is “Listen.” Kids can sometimes say alarming things, and as parents we can react without first finding out what they’re really getting at, or why it’s important to them. There is something about a parent respectfully hearing a child out and asking insightful questions that disarms a lot of the rebellion young people feel as their search for independence is thwarted. Try to hear what they are hearing.

The second is “Guide.” Sometimes parents can be manipulated by their kid’s desires and emotional ups and downs without even realizing it. If we want our children to grow up to be mature adults, not perpetual adolescents, we need to invest in helping them see the world through our eyes of experience. They need know what we’ve learned and why we value what we value. Try to wisely help them hear what you are hearing about the direction they’re headed.

As a family, make it a priority to take time to hear each other. Turn off the TV, put down the video controller, and silence your phone. Your example of listening to your child can go a long way to teach them by example how to listen to you!

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