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Shocking Memory

~ Written by Viki Rife

After several days of traveling, I was relieved to pull into my own driveway. I was not ready for the shock that greeted me. Something had been digging among the plants in the front yard and had fully dug up one of my favorite plants. It had been torn from its trellis and lay on the ground a foot away from its original hole, looking pale and rather wilted.

I hurried over to check it. My brain was processing the steps I needed to take. First it needed to be restored: put the roots in water right away and let it rehydrate. It needed to be established—replanted. It would need some plant food—but not too much or it would burn. As it began to produce new growth, I would need to help it attach itself to the trellis again for support.

The progression of my thoughts made me laugh. Just that morning I had read 1 Peter 5:10: “The God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, establish, strengthen, and support you after you have suffered a little while” (CSB). We were going through some hard times, and I had decided I needed to memorize that verse. But memorizing is not very easy for me these days.

Now I had a great visual to help me learn it! I could visualize the steps: restore, establish, strengthen and support. God allowed me to care for that suffering little plant so I could know exactly what His intentions are toward me! I felt ready to let Him root me in the Living Water.

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