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~ Written by Cassie Rayl

I’d never ridden a horse. I’m fairly certain I was clueless in regards to chariots. But that didn’t matter. Memorizing a Bible verse about chariots and horses was exciting and mysterious. I loved declaring my trust in the Lord my God alone as I quoted Psalm 20.

For an innocent kid, it was an easy declaration. As life grew more intense and lonely, as everyone’s life does, declaring my trust in Christ got harder. Did I trust Him when my family seemed as if it was falling apart? Did I trust Him when health problems stole my childish abandon at an early age? Did I actually trust Him more than any other resource my life provided? Could I?

I had my moments of doubt. Honestly, I had my seasons of doubt that Christ was enough. Why should He be enough, when the comfort of money and modern medicine were easily accessible? However, as I look back on nearly 30 years of life, I’m refreshed by a very tangible truth.

The things I could depend on in addition to, or instead of, Christ, will always fail at some point. Though there have been moments where God hasn’t done exactly what I wanted Him to do, He does, in fact, keep His promise.

He always answers me when I call out to Him. My life has tested His faithfulness, and His faithfulness has never been found wanting.


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~ Written by Viki Rife

Reading Nancy Drew with a flashlight under the covers after bedtime in fifth grade. Keeping an Agatha Christie book in the bathroom to sneak a quick peek when I was potty-training toddlers. I can’t help it; mysteries have always reached out and grabbed me. Do you feel it, too? There’s something about things that don’t fit together just right that calls our minds to investigate and make sense of them. And, oh, the joy of figuring it out before the author reveals it!

Maybe that’s why this mystery called Life gets so frustrating. We see it as our job to be the detectives, to solve the mystery. But the deeper we go, the more threads of the mystery appear. Each thread could be followed into infinity. Each clue could take a lifetime to examine. 

We need to learn to be at peace with living in mystery. We need to give ourselves permission to enjoy the journey of discovery. We know the story will be worth it—the Author is our best friend. He assures us that the ending will be amazing beyond our wildest dreams. Enjoy exploring your mystery, but don’t assume you have found all the answers. Our Author is far too clever for us to figure out. He wants to keep the suspense so He can reveal the surprise ending Himself. 

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~ Written By Viki Rife

It happened again today. I sat down to read a book on the calling of God in a woman’s life, and soon felt my heart sinking. The book outlined a woman’s calling: marry a good Christian husband, support him in his ministry, fill some position in the ministries of your church, and pour yourself into your children so that, as adults, they’ll listen to you. 

Done. That’s it. 

My heart sank even more when I read the last part, in which the author describes each of her three children and how well the formula worked. I found myself wondering what percentage of women will pick up this book with great hopes, only to find they don’t qualify. They don’t have a husband. Or they have a husband who isn’t godly, or who wants nothing to do with God. 

Maybe they don’t have children. Maybe their children have rebelled against everything they taught them. Or maybe, as their children were growing up, these women didn’t know God themselves well enough to influence their children for Him, and now they feel hopeless to win them back. How many women feel that if a model family is their calling, they’ve missed it? 

Personally, I’m tired of these A + B=C formulas: marry right + raise your children right = happy ending. It does seem to happen for some people. I’m happy for them. But never, ever fall for the lie that the proof that you have obeyed God’s calling on your life is a happy ending. Just read Hebrews 11 to see what really happens when we follow God’s calling. 

Wife and mother are high callings for women, but God’s call to us can never be reduced to a formula. 

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