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~ Written by Cassie Rayl

Being thrown into a pit wasn’t a part of his plan. Of all the dreams God had given Joseph, I hardly imagine his dreams of his family bowing down to him would involve his own enslavement. And yet, as we’re told in Genesis 37 and following, slavery was a key season in Joseph’s story.

Still, as Joseph sat in the pit his brothers threw him in (Gen. 37:23-24) to await being sold, his mind had to be whirling with questions. Wasn’t he the favored son? Why would God give him such favor if only to waste it in slavery? Was his father’s God even real, or had the dreams been a result of too much time in the sun? Weeks ago, Joseph had a handle on what God was doing.

Now? In the pit? Not so much.

As the story unfolds, God uses Joseph’s enslavement in immaculate and miraculous ways. Joseph’s God-given wisdom and insight eventually led him to be a trusted advisor to his master, the Egyptian Pharaoh. Through that trust, Joseph was able to advocate for his people when famine wrecked the known world.

What Joseph initially thought was the death of his future became the gateway to God’s goodness.

More than ever before, this election season has left Christians nervous and hesitant as we await the nation’s future. No matter which political party we’re referring to, truthfully, there are areas where we are all muttering, “How can this bring God glory?”

I challenge each of us to look back at the story of Joseph as our next national leaders are revealed in the coming days. There was nothing good about most of Joseph’s story. Joseph was left uncomfortable and stretched for most of his life, but he leaned heavily on God despite the unpredictability of his future.

In the end, Joseph could say with confidence, “God used it all for good.”

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~ Written by Viki Rife

For those who are struggling to be thankful this year because of the election results, I just want to share a thought. I understand the concerns of those who feel certain groups who tend to be marginalized will be neglected even more. However, for those of us who belong to the Kingdom of Heaven and are just passing through on this earth, I have a question. Where does the Bible say that it is the responsibility of  the government to care for the poor, the needy, the marginalized? According to my Bible, that is our  calling as followers of God. We are responsible to care for the “least of these.”

So it really shouldn’t matter what the government does. The question is, “Are we doing our job? Or have we abdicated our calling for the government to take over?” What concerns me most is that while the government may care for people’s physical well-being to some extent, it can never offer their souls what they really need. We are the ones who can help both their bodies and their souls. And I wonder if it’s more likely that the ones who help with their spiritual needs are the ones to whom they will entrust their souls. Do we really want to leave that to any president?  

Let’s give thanks for a political situation that may force those who believe there is an eternity that matters to rise up and invest in serving others that makes them desire the kingdom of God. And pray that we all will seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and step up to the plate. 

The world will know we are Christians by our love. 

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