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~ Written by Sharon MacMillan

The Carrier Pigeon, a state-of-the-art clipper ship, ran aground 500 feet off shore in 1852 in fog and bad weather. It had traveled from Boston around Cape Horn at the southernmost point of South America, was only about 50 miles from its final destination, San Francisco. The disaster highlighted the need for a lighthouse at this particular location on the west coast. As a result, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse sent its first beacon of light out into the dark ocean on November of 1872 to warn ships and their crews of the impending dangers near the shore.    

A Fresnel lens was placed at the top of a 150-foot tower to direct focused light into its hundreds of prisms and lenses, sending out a strong bent beam of light every 10 seconds. That pattern is  known as a lighthouse’s “characteristic” pattern and identified it to sailors as the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. In those early days of the lighthouse, there would be no pattern of light without a diligent light keeper who would keep the candle burning, usually with sperm oil or lard.   

The Church projects God’s light to the world with her “characteristic” pattern. What do people learn about your Father through your speech, your actions and your attitudes? What is your  individual “characteristic” pattern of light?   

As we come to 2016 we are aware of the great need for the world to see our “characteristic” pattern of light. God designed us to be a people who intercede for the world, are inclusive with messy people, value them enough to train them for their place in Christ’s body, and encourage them along the way as they learn to participate in God’s purposes and plans for His Church. “They shall know you by your love.” That is our “characteristic” pattern for the world. 

We want to learn to pray for those who need light. In your daily prayers, please intercede for the design and implementation of the Women of Grace USA Prayer Summits that we hope to begin this year. Pray for Sue Knight, Nicole Miller and Sharon MacMillan as we seek the Lord for His direction in providing life-changing opportunities to grow deeper in the school of prayer and  intercession, enabling His women bring many to the Light.   

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~ Written by Viki Rife

Let’s be honest. We just can’t reach our full potential alone. Strength comes when we partner with others.

That is a foundational belief of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. We rejoice in the number of brothers and sisters whom God has brought into our circle throughout the world, and realize that we must learn to partner together. Cultural differences must not stand in the way of the mission God has given us. We need to work together to determine how our beliefs can strengthen us to reach out to a world in need.

That’s why you should feel a vested interest in what will happen in Bangkok, Thailand, next week. As delegates representing at least 19 countries meet together, their decisions will help set the stage for greater impact as we collaborate globally to make disciples for Christ.  
For some of the delegates, just getting to the meeting is a major challenge. Some of them come from war-torn countries; some are at risk of persecution. They need our prayers. It’s the best contribution we can make to bless these representatives and to help our Fellowship become effective around the world.

Please commit to spend least fifteen minutes in prayer at some point next week for the future of the international Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Help the delegates know who “has their backs” by signing up in the prayer chain. Details can be found at http://charisalliance.org/english/prayer-chain.html.   

Thank you for your valuable contribution. 

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~ Written by Viki Rife

Obstacles. We hate them. It’s especially hard when those obstacles interfere with what we know is good for us or others.

The disciples of Jesus knew what it was to face obstacles. One example is when they tried to heal a demon-possessed boy while Jesus was on His way down from the Mount of Transfiguration. They had been given authority, and had marveled that even the demons were subject to them (Mark 9:27-29). But this time they were stumped. They did not have what it took to remove this kind of demon.

After Jesus stepped in and healed the boy, the disciples questioned Him. “Why couldn’t we cast out the spirit?” they wanted to know. “This kind only comes out by prayer,” Jesus told them. He should know. He was the one who spent long hours alone on a mountain while others were sleeping. He was the one who knew how to truly seek the Father, and the one who taught them to pray to the Father.

Sometimes in ministry we find obstacles—stubborn ones. Do we turn to prayer as our first resort, or our last? In the ministry of Women of Grace, we are blessed with a team of prayer warriors we call the PrayerForce.

These 68 ladies are committed to praying (and sometimes fasting) for us on the 15th day of each month. We send them our requests and concerns ahead of time. Since this ministry has begun, we have seen God remove many obstacles. Thanks so much, faithful prayer warriors, and thanks, Sally Miller, who coordinates our communication. You have no idea how much difference you are making!

To join the PrayerForce, click here to email Sally Miller for further inquiry about joining the Women of Grace USA Prayer Force.

This kind only comes out by prayer (Prayer Force power).

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