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~ Written by Cassie Rayl

I was six the first time my great grandfather handed me a polishing rag. He stood me in front of his silver collection and stated proudly, “You can help me make these beauties shine again.” I was responsible for a silver horse that had most assuredly seen better days, but my “Gramps” treated it with such treasured respect, I knew it had to be special.

He never told me the stories behind his collection. Born into a poor family and with only a 2nd grade education to his name, I can only imagine how priceless his three-tiered display case felt to him. As we worked together on his silver, he’d occasionally chuckle as he wiped grime off a certain piece, but the stories stayed safely in his mind.

That afternoon, sitting near one of my spiritual giants, I got a better glimpse of what it meant to first serve out of love. Even at six, I thought polishing silver was a waste of time. Yet I didn’t find myself asking hundreds of questions as to why I had to help. Gramps wanted to spend time with me, and polishing silver was important to him, so therefore, it became important to me. I didn’t need to know why. I knew Gramps and that was enough.

What would happen if I lived my life with Christ in the same way? I find myself peppering God with endless questions when He asks me to do something. I want to understand before I say yes. But too often, when that is my initial response, I miss out on sharing Jesus’ joy. What if I trusted Jesus enough to trust there was beauty in His presence, even when the task feels mundane?

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~ Written by Cassie Rayl

During my missionary kid days, silence used to terrify me. If no one was talking, that meant they might not feel connected with, treasured, or heard. I found myself filled with anxiety quite often, trying to make sure the silence on mission trips was rare. I never wanted my visiting team to think I wasn’t invested in the overall mission. In my childish mind, silence gave them a reason to doubt my passion.

I guess you could say it was common for visiting teams to get a “Cassie show,” whether they wanted one or not!

Looking back on that season now, I’m in awe that my little shoulders survived carrying such a heavy load. I thought people needed me much more than they actually did. I’ve now learned the world’s survival doesn’t pass or fail depending on my performance. My assumption was childish, and more than a little self-centered. I may have learned my lesson over the years, but I find myself slipping into that prideful worldview much more than I would like.

Though it’s a beautiful thing to actively pour into people around me, silence allows God the chance to speak in ways I never could. I’ve come to grips with the fact that, ultimately, God doesn’t need me as much as I may think He does. When I can focus on Who’s in control of the overall outcome, my passion for people and my desire to make God famous becomes more about Him, rather than me.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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~ Written by Viki Rife

All I did was wish her a good trip home. Her eyes filled with tears, “To think I almost didn’t come!” she whispered.

I understood what she meant. She had already shared about the wrestlings in her soul as she prepared to come to the Soul Cry prayer summit. If she had paid for the summit herself, she probably wouldn’t have come. But a friend had paid her way, and she couldn’t let her friend down. She was so glad that one detail had “forced” her to come! She had been richly blessed.

There was no doubt an enemy who did not want this prayer summit to happen. Whether it was an emergency at home or just deep inner doubts, most of the women who came recognized that there had been a strong force working against them as they prepared to come. One participant commented that from the time she registered for the summit, she sensed spiritual warfare trying to discourage her.

But there’s more to the story. We have a God who is bigger than whatever the enemy throws at us. He already knew who needed to be there, and what her needs were. And He knows how to help each woman follow through on her resolve to deepen her walk with Him. I want to personally thank each of you who prayed about the weekend, and those who are praying for a prayer movement to ignite among us all. 

There is still more to this story!

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